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A technologically sound YOUNG LIGHT UNIVERSE PVT LTD company started in the year 2022 in INDIA ,is on a mission to target medical needs human care equipment products to save present & upcoming generation's.

The future is all about technology and consumer-centric products at conventional rates that don't compromise on their quality.

We, at VeeSafe, provide our customers with all the medical equipment and instruments.

Not only do we take care of our consumers' medical needs, but also we happen to be the solution for a hassle-free business for the traders out there!

Technology is our friend, and we are embracing it to help you buy and sell the products that you require.

Gap In Solution

When a customer buys something online, what concerns them the most? It is the quality of the product, price and the time of its availability.

And when it comes to the traders, it is the ease of selling their products at conventional rates without facing a high risk of failure.

VeeSafe is their solution to all the problems!

Feel free to contact us to know more about the quoting prices and how we will help you sell your products in the right way if you happen to be a trader.

Roadmap to our Work System:

It all began in 2019, but when the world was suffering from the sudden outbreak of Covid-19, our research took a different turn.

There was a sudden need for healthcare equipment and medical attention on an emergency basis.

There were so many things interlinked altogether!

Thus, we started planning everything in 2020, and now we are thrilled to announce that we have launched an app that solves any of your medical-related issues in just one click!

Advantages and upcoming Market Opportunities

After the pandemic hit the world, we finally understood the importance of basic medical needs and our health.

With this, there has been a sudden surge in the requirement for healthcare equipment, be it for personal use or commercial use.

We at VeeSafe, want to make sure the medical equipment reaches the patients on time.

VeeSafe is not just about delivering the right medical equipment but also is on the mission to spread the right kind of awareness regarding diseases.

From getting guidance for safety measures in any medical need to the idea of where to go in any case of a medical emergency, VeeSafe is at your service!


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